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No news… good news?

Posted by ederedalumni on September 7, 2010

Dear all,

No news from your favourite Alumni team cause the EDERED world is pretty calm those days and there are no more Alumni in the GA of EDERED.

You can still reach us though at ederedalumni[@]gmail.com


Your EDERED Alumni team

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EDERED (good) news!

Posted by ederedalumni on December 5, 2008

Dear friends,

Spread the word: here are some EDERED news!

– We are happy to inform you that it is now officially confirmed that there will be an Edered encounter in Moscow from the 16th of July to the 31st of July, 2009. The encounter will be for children from the age 12-14. Please write to contact[at]edered.org if you need any information on this.

– The board is in touch with Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Turkey and Slovenia, working on more future encounters!

– The official EDERED handbook has been released! The whole EDERED must-know info are in. You can download it here.

All the best!

The EDERED Alumni team

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[EDERED-Future] Follow-up Meeting report

Posted by ederedalumni on March 6, 2008

The follow-up meeting of the EDERED Future seminar took place on the 16th of February in Paris.

You’ll find the official report here.

This closes the EDERED-Future adventure!

Thanks to all of those who made it possible and let’s help now the GA to build new encounters!

Your EDERED Alumni team.

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Testimonial from Arthur [EDERED_96]

Posted by ederedalumni on November 14, 2007

« EDERED was an incredible experience. I learnt a lot while meeting amazing people from all over Europe.

They contributed greatly in making me the person I am now thanks to their different backgrounds
and different cultures…

EDERED has been for me not only about learning drama techniques but also to discover others, to accept
differences and to receive & give.

It was the best thing that ever happened to me! »

Arthur, Austria, EDERED 1996

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Logo Challenge!

Posted by ederedalumni on October 14, 2007

The Fundraising WorkingGroup launched in September the EDERED logo challenge!

Here are the proposal received so far.

Please send your comments or your own proposal on amihai_at_ederedalumni.org
before the 10th of November!

All the best,

Your EDERED Alumni team.

— Number 1 :


 — Number 2 :


— Number 3 :


— Number 4 :


— Number 5 :


 — Number 6:


— Number 7 :


 — Number 8:


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[newsletter] EDERED September 2007

Posted by ederedalumni on September 15, 2007

Dear EDERED Friends,

As you all know now, the first EDERED Alumni seminar, funded by the Council of Europe (EYF) under the All Different – All Equal campaign, the City of Helsinki and the French Amateur Federation, gathered 19 former EDERED participants from 13 different EDERED countries to work together in Helsinki from the 15th to the 22nd of July 2007. (You can read the full report and more about EDERED Alumni here: http://www.ederedalumni.org.)

One of the achievements of the seminar was the creation of working groups supervised by GA members,
such as the [Updates Working Group] in charge of sending every 15th of each month a newsletter gathering updates about our NGO.

We’re proud to announce that you’re currently reading the first EDERED newsletter, sent to 130 EDERED friends!
I. How to join the movement?

All EDERED friends are welcome to join the work! You’ll get all the freshest information on the website.
Feel free to send emails straight to the working groups below to propose your help if you have time and energy to support.
If you have any question or just want to send a line to express your love for EDERED, please send a message to contact@edered.org!
II. News from the board

The report of the seminar supervised by Jacques Lemaire and Jacqueline Sottiaux-Heyman is to be sent to the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.
Meanwhile the board is working with Macedonia to confirm its application for organizing the 2008 encounter.
The final decision will be known after the first meeting of the new elected board, which will take place in Stanstead on the 19th-21st of October.

President Dowsett sent a kind letter to the Alumni stating: “Words became action very quickly and we, the Board, must do the same.
I was genuinely impressed with the commitment, energy and enthusiasm of the participants at Helsinki.
You are the future.
It’s our job to see that the real EDERED, the passion, the drama, continues.
Thank you for the part that you all play in that process.”
III. News from the working groups (WG)

– FundRaising WG – Supervised by Mary Pears – fundraisingWG_at_edered.org

The goal of the working group is to set a fundraising package to be used by future organizers.

* Task/Deadline 1 – Everyone agreed that EDERED current logo has to be refreshed… Therefore the WG is looking for a new, fresh, young and attractive logo for EDERED. We invite every one to create their own EDERED logo, and send it to amihai@ederedalumni.org before the 10th of October. All the suggestions will be published in the October newsletter and the top logos will be presented to the GA members so they can choose the best one.

* Task/Deadline 2 – The structure of the package (what should be inside) will be defined before the October newsletter. (Gunes Erden already presented a first draft.)

* Task/Deadline 3 – During the Helsinki WG meeting, the idea was raised to ask a famous actor/actress/director… to become the godmother/godfather of EDERED. This person has to be linked to culture (theatre, cinema…) and famous all over Europe. The working group will launch a debate about this point in the November Newsletter.

* Task/Deadline 4- All the needed materials will be gathered to get the package ready.
We’re then seeking for anyone able to do some professional Photoshop editing to create the EDERED leaflet before the end of 2007.

* Task/Deadline 5 – Meanwhile, a list of potentials sponsors (foundations, firms) will be set by the working group before the 15th of January. We ask anyone with relevant information to contact us.

– Website WG – Supervised by Damir Miholic – websiteWG_at_edered.org

The working group will analyse the current website and work on a structure for a new global website which will merge both EDERED.org and EDEREDALUMNI.org.

* Task/Deadline 1 – Before the October Newsletter, the group will build up a proposal for the new website (structure, content, design) and see how EDEREDAlumni.org could be merged with EDERED.org. The project will be published online and sent via the newsletter.

* Task/Deadline 2 – Before the October Newsletter, the group will check out free CMS (Content Management System) to decide which should be used for the website. A report will be published in the October newsletter.

* Task/Deadline 3 – Before the November Newsletter, the working group will have to find internal resources to develop the website or ask professional agencies for estimate cost. If you have any skill in web design/programming, please contact the working group.
– Network WG – Supervised by Jacqueline Sottiaux-Heyman – networkWG_at_edered.org

The goal for the working group is to get in contact with as many ex-edered participants as possible over the next few years.

* Task/Deadline 1 – Before the October Newsletter, the working group will contact each GA member to get an overview of national situation towards ex-participants. A synthesis of replies will be published online and in the next newsletter. Meanwhile the working group will welcome any ideas from Alumni on how the network could be develop and strengthen.

* Task/Deadline 2 – According to the results of the task 1, the working group will write an email/letter to be sent by national organization to their ex-participants. This letter will be published on the EDERED website, the Alumni website and on national organizations’ before the November newsletter.

* Task/Deadline 3 – Before the end of 2007, a new plan for the future with tasks/deadlines will be published in order to complete the goal of reaching at least 300 ex participants by September 2008.

– Documentation/Updates WG – Supervised by Karen Lundsby Andersen – updatesWG_at_edered.org

Besides the sending of the newsletter, the working group follows the goal of gathering EDERED documentation.

* Task/Deadline 1 – In November, Josef Hollos will bring EDERED archives to Brussels where Jacqueline Sottiaux-Heyman and Juliette will classify the files in order to store everything in one official single place called “La maison de la Bellone”, in Brussels.

* Task/Deadline 2 – Before the end of 2007, a list of archives will be published online and a digitalizing plan (with deadlines) will be set to get the most important files uploaded on the website before Mars 2008.
– Training WG – Supervised by Katharina Pongracz – trainingWG_at_edered.org

The goal of the working group is to find how Alumni can help in organizing the future EDERED encounters and at the same time get trained on how to become the next leaders.

* Task/Deadline 1 – Contact with Macedonian organizers to figure out what could be set such as involving Alumni as assistants to workshop/welfare leaders, artistic director, organizers… Talks are planned during a Macedonian visit in September.

* Task/Deadline 2 – The working group will publish a report about the possible plans in Macedonia before the October Newsletter.

IV. News from the Alumni teamNew pictures (from Severin) were uploaded and some of you may have missed Franziska’s first videos,
so please check http://www.ederedalumni.org/bonus/. One video will be published every month.
If you have any pictures you want to upload (from any EDERED encounters), please send an email to severin@ederedalumni.org.
The more pictures on the website, the more memories to share!

And… That’s all for September!
If you have any information for the October Newsletter, please send an email before the 10th of October to updatesWG@edered.org
and for any question, please reach contact@edered.org!

All the best,

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[EDERED-Future] Report!

Posted by ederedalumni on August 17, 2007

(If you can’t visualize this report correctly on your computer, please download it by clicking here.)

working near the sea!

We are glad to announce that the first Edered Alumni meeting was a success! Within the framework of the “All Different, All Equal” European Youth Campaign for Diversity, Human Rights and Participation, following our goal to bring together ex-EDERED-participants to work together for the future of EDERED, we welcomed 19 participants from 13 different european and non-european countries for a six-days seminar in Helsinki from the 15th to the 22nd of July 2007. The seminar was supported by the Council of Europe (EYF), the City of Helsinki (Annantalo Arts Centre), the FNCTA (French Amateur Theatre Association) and the General Assembly of EDERED.

We, young people from 20 to 30 years old, were intensively working together on EDERED-related topics, such as inventing and planning imaginary future encounters (Case Study), creating a detailled feedback-document on our EDERED-experiences (WhiteBook) and working on the next steps for maintaining the future of EDERED-encounters (NextStep).


We were mostly working together in groups of 4 to 5 people – gathered in one of the beautiful spots of the house and surroundings in Meriharju house in the outskirts of Helsinki – and brainstormed, discussed and wrote down our ideas and plans to the according topic. At the end of each session, the result of each working group was presented in front of the others. The complete results of our sessions were then finally presented to the General Assembly.

Working again!

– The CaseStudy sessions, led by experienced EDERED-Veterans, consisted of planning an imaginary drama encounter in the future. It was focused on points such as artistic coordination, general organisation and fundraising. At the end of each session each group presented its results which were then discussed by the whole group. A final one-page was file of each of the four groups was then created, considering all discussed points and presenting a realistic concept of a possible encounter.

Presenting results

– The WhiteBook sessions also consisted of working groups working on different topics such as skill-workshops, final presentation, accomodation etc. A general feedback of our experiences in EDERED-encounters was the goal of the sessions, with all points being discussed and presented and then written down. The final document not only includes our on our EDERED-experiences, but also recommendations and ideas on how to improve certain points. This document may not only serve as a useful file of feedbacks of many different encounter, but can also help future encounter-organisers to better know about the will and needs and ideas of ex-EDERED-participants.

Besides our working sessions we also had the pleasure to listen to speeches given by professionals on topics such as general organisation of an encounter, artistic direction, history of EDERED, intercultural education, european fundraising and workshop-leading. These lectures gave us participants a good insight into all of these subjects – subjects, on which we have been already witnesses as EDERED-participants, and which we now deeper explored from an organisational and practical point of view.


A Dramaworkshop was giving us moreover the possibility to work and create together closely and to get to know each other better by communicating through drama.

In the sparely-calculated free-time (our day started at 9 AM and ended mostly around 10 PM) we chilled-out in the large area around the traditional finnish wood-house in which we were hosted in, visited the Sauna, took swims in the Baltic sea or learned traditional hungarian dances. An afternoon trip to the city of Helsinki including the visit of a finnish theatre play on the island of Suomenlina was of course also scheduled.

The most important achievement of our meeting surely was the creation of future working groups and the get-together with the members of the General Assembly of EDERED. In our „EDERED-what’s the next step“ sessions we have worked on ideas on how to improve the organisation and how to ensure further children and youth drama encounters. We decided to work together in groups of 3 to 5 people in the following weeks and months and got the full support of the General Assembly, with one member each of the GA working together with each EDERED-Alumni working group. The groups will work on the following topics:

1.) Fundraising package: creation of a package to present to possible sponsors and investors. Presentation of EDERED as encounter, organisation and important means of intercultural communication. Creation of a booklet, new logo and a CD including documentary, image and video material on EDERED.

2.) Structuring the network: establishing a network and database of former EDERED-participants, workshop leaders and other involved people. A network of EDERED-involved people will be created to be regularly informed about the organisations activities and to gather strenghts and skills to work together for the future of EDERED.

Dancing with the GA!

3.) Documentation & Updates: collecting all available information on previous EDERED-activities and encounters of the past 25 years and making it accessible to EDERED-involved people and the public. Creating regular newsletters to keep Alumni and network members up-to-date on the organisation’s activities.

4.) New Website: creation of a new EDERED-website containing all the necessary material to professionally represent EDERED and making the organisation appealing to sponsors and investors. The website should also serve as a communication platform for former participants and for the EDERED – EDERED-Alumni network.

5.) EDERED Alumni training sessions: involving EDERED-Alumni members in inside activies of EDERED. Organizing follow-up meetings, seminars and training sessions for EA-members. Maintaining the skills and motivation of EA-members to work on future EDERED encounters.

All current EDERED-Alumni members are working in one of these groups as we speak. Partly results and activity reports are mandatory. These working groups are fully supported by the General Assembly of EDERED.

Our Helsinki meeting was only a first step towards the future of EDERED-encounters. We thank all of the people involved in this meeting for their great support and motivation that have kept this seminar dynamic and full of life. We firmly believe that EDERED-Alumni can help to maintain EDERED-drama-encounters – it is surely possible with the strength and motivation of former EDERED-participants that have shared this experience and are now ready to pass it on to future generations of european youngsters.

Download the results of our seminar-work here:

(Pics by Amihai – IS)

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[EDERED-Future] President Dowsett closing speech!

Posted by ederedalumni on August 4, 2007

After the presentation of the EDERED-Future seminar results to the General Assembly and the reading of the letter sent by the Alumni to the GA, President Dowsett closed the seminar with the following speech:


President Dowsett cloding speech of the EDERED-Future Seminar

by Franziska Mayr-Keber (2007)


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Letter to the GA

Posted by ederedalumni on August 3, 2007

EDERED-Alumni_To the future

Dear General Assembly of EDERED,Our meeting in Helsinki, the presentations of the invited speakers, our teamwork and dialogues strengthened our belief in the uniqueness of EDERED-Encounters, their “spirit” and the necessity of keeping this event alive and opening it up for new generations of children and youth.
For this reason, we want to help EDERED as an organisation. We are ready to offer our skills, motivation and time to join the working groups of the General Assembly and to work under the supervision of GA-members on the following topics:

Public Relations – Creation of a fund-raising package and of a professional interactive website:
The organisation and its actions need to be accessible and presentable to interested persons, sponsors and future supporters. Therefore a fund-raising package is requested which would consist of informative material (leaflet, DVD…) containing all important information on the organisation (principles of encounters, history, actors). It should be supported by a professional website, key entry for communication and complete information on EDERED (including extra-material such as pictures, videos, social network of ex-participants). It must be constantly kept up-to-date (via newsletters for instance) and should be used to encourage the internal distribution of EDERED-documents (reports, news) so that these are openly available to members of the organisation to be used for future work.

Structuring the network:
The network of EDERED needs to be strengthened. We believe that a big potential for the work and future of the organisation lies in former EDERED-participants that are not yet actively connected. Future supporters, organizers, Encounter-Staff, workshop-leaders and artistic directors might be waiting to be discovered and encouraged by activating this large network. A registration database should be developed and kept up-to-date by .newsletters and website-updates

Involvement of ALUMNI in EDERED – Training Sessions & working groups within the GA:
Training sessions (e.g. specialized on workshop-leading, on fund-raising etc.) need to be organized to ensure transmittance of knowledge to the new generation. This would be a way for EDERED Alumni to be involved in EDERED-activities by having them joining then as assistants, guides or observers to, for instance, artistic directors, organizers and workshop-leaders. We believe moreover that EDERED Alumni members should somehow be part of the GA debates e.g. by being included in GA Working Groups.

All those actions should always follow EDERED principles consisting of democracy, transparency and openness of actions. Clear guidelines and reports on activities should always be published since we strongly believe that a transparent and fair way of working is a necessity.

We believe the GA (i.e. local organizations) should be a catalyst of energies, ensuring the collaboration of previous and future organizers towards a common goal of transmitting EDERED values to future generations. The power of EDERED certainly lies in its unique approach to inter cultural exchange and its long history and experience – it is now time to promote the project in a modern and responsible way. By taking this high responsibility into consideration, we, as veterans, founders and Alumni, should all work dynamically on the future of EDERED and carry its values to the 21st century.

Franziska (AT), Severin (AT), Juliette (BE), Karen (DEN), Salme-Riina (EST), Mathieu (FR), Olivier (FR), Joonas (FIN), Kevin (GER), Tibor (HU), Iva (HR), Daina (HR), Amihai (IS), Alan (IR), Diane (IR), Ivana (MK), Günes (TR), Jon (MT).

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[EDERED-Future] Video : the Hungarian dance!

Posted by ederedalumni on August 3, 2007

After a hard day of work in small groups, Tibor became our dance teacher…

Hungarian dance during the EDERED-Future seminar
by Franziska Mayr-Keber (2007)

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